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Corporate Philosophy

The Approach of Just My Shoes

Our approach is to supply anyone with the best fitting shoe to insure the best possible
body health. A healthy STEP means a healthy BODY.

Company Vision

Our approach is based on measuring each individual’s foot and making that the standard
procedure for the insole/shoe business.

Real Foot Size

When a customer comes into your store and you ask their shoe size, most people will
answer with the size of the shoe they are presently wearing. But, is that their real shoe size?
Each individual shoe manufacturer offers a different fit for the same sized shoes.
A well informed customer may know this, but, the average buyer is unaware. The average
buyer will answer with what they think is their shoe size regardless of style, whether
sneakers, business shoes, pumps or sandals.

The Right Way to Choose Shoes

When a customer has chosen a size 8 shoe, puts it on, and says it feels great, we cannot
assume that all their shoes will be size 8s. Each style of shoe requires a different fit and
getting this idea across to the customer is the greatest challenge of the shoe store staff.

A New Business Idea to Greater Fulfill Customer Satisfaction

Until now, shoe store staff asks the customer their shoe size, choose a shoe and fit it on. If it
fits, the customer is satisfied. Sales completed.
But is this truly the best way to meet your customer’s needs? Will it bring them back into the
store? We would suggest a different approach!
With Just Fit Shoes, the difficult buyer will have complete satisfaction knowing that the
shoes they’ve purchased have been specially fitted and designed for their feet alone. This
approach insures 100% satisfaction.
A perfect fitting shoe means a healthy step and a healthy body.
It is necessary to change the way the customer presently thinks about their foot size. To help
bring this about, we propose by starting with a true measurement of the customer’s feet.

To Change Customer Thinking, MEASURE IT!

Seeing is believing! Show your customer their actual feet data and they’ll really be
As each manufacturer’s shoe sizes are slightly different, staff recommendations with
regards to size and or width based on the data will greatly enhance customer satisfaction all
round. The result is a more professional approach. One scan means a better fit.

Things that were taken for granted 10 years ago have changed considerably today. In ten years time, the same thing will happen again. When we buy glasses, we have an eye examination. When we purchase shoes, we measure our feet. We hope to create this new way of thinking.

The time has come to change foot measurement! And, that measuring method is 3D.
It provides accurate, quick data that is unique to every one of your customers resulting in a more individual customer satisfaction approach.
If you should have any questions concerning our 3D devices or approach, please feel free to contact us.

Motohide Arayama
Dream GP

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