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3D Footprint Automatic Measurement Machine

3D Footprint Automatic Measurement Machine The World’s Smallest and Lightest Rail Type Laser Scanner

When suggesting to your customer to measure his/her foot, and why don’t you increase the accuracy of it as well as customer satisfaction?
Our device allows you to show your customer directly the actual shape of their foot.

Details of 3D Footprint Automatic Measurement Machine

Shoe Selection Method

Shoe Selection Method A new suggestion of “shoes” for using 3D-measured data

Through the Use of Input Data, Better Customer Satisfaction
For your customers who are not happy with off-the-shelf shoes and require specific shoes made especially for their feet. We are also in the process of developing a mock system for these customers. Through the use of inputted data, we are making a market system that will aid in the selling of off-the-shelf shoes and also supporting to make “Wooden Shoe Lasts”.

Details of Shoe Selection Method

3D Scanner-made Insole.

3D Scanner-made Insole.This insole provides the most comfortable fit even with off-the-shelf shoes.

Off-the-shelf shoes definitely require insoles to match your feet shape. So, we are developing various insoles to fit all kinds of shoes.
This is a special offer you shouldn’t miss.

Details of 3D Scanner-made Insole

Motion Control Center

Motion Control Center Analysis of Standing, Walking and Running

This is a totally new system that provides you with the ability to correctly assess your customers walking posture. Through the use of still photos and video, each individual customers needs can be more greatly met.

Details of Motion Control Center